PiBalloonIII Flies For a Third Time!

On Thursday, August 6, we will be launching a student payload, PiBalloonIII, and Space Dorothy. This launch is part of a STEM outreach camp.

Space Dorothy

space dorothy

We plan on dumping 152 ping-pong balls from the edge of space. Each ball will be labeled with “REWARD!” and my phone number. In addition, the ping-pong balls will have a small hole, and a foil tail. There’s a decent chance that the ping-pong balls will reflect weather radar. Space Dorothy is being assembled by the students.

Radio Payloads

There will be two radio payloads on this launch, PiBalloonIII and the student box.

  • Primary Tracking/Telemetry (Student Box): K5UTD-11, 144.34MHz, Arduino-powered telemetry
  • Backup Tracking: KE5GDB-11, 144.39MHz
  • SSTV: 144.5MHz, Martin 2
  • Crossband Repeater: 147.5MHz downlink, 446.050MHz pl110.9 uplink

Launch Details

We will try and launch from the Trinity Valley Community College in Terrell at about 10:15AM. Wide area communications will be on the Flamethrower (146.7- pl110.9/441.925+ pl110.9). The simplex chase frequency is 446.1.